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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Yes, I know!  I've slacked on my blogging and one of my resolutions is to blog more!  I always have exciting things to share...but once my busy season picks up, it's hard.  YOU can hold me accountable! :)

It's a NEW year!  And I am so excited.  Excited to learn new things, try new things and create new things.  I'm pumped for Spring to come.  Super pumped about the children, families and seniors I'll encounter. 

It. can't. come. soon. enough!

To celebrate the new year, I am giving away a FREE Children's Photo Session!!! 

By this Sunday, January 9th at 8:00, leave a comment on this blog how you can pay it forward.  Here's what I mean:  How can you serve someone else?  What hobbies or talents do you have?  What are you willing to give away to someone else?  Everyone has something they can share with someone else.  Let me know what you can pay forward, and the winner will be chosen randomly.  In the same comment, please state which children you are nominating.  Yours, or other children that you know.

Happy New Year my friends!  I look forward to a fantastic year!!!


Anonymous said...

I am very involved in fundraising and work very hard on the progeria research foundation Kaylee Halko from Monclova here is my daughters bf and her mom and I are best friends so this is something that is very near to my heart I would love to have a professional photo shoot done with Kaylee and Madyson(my daughter) just for them to have as memories sometime

Jill Madysonhelyn@sbcglobal.net 253-777-8657

Anonymous said...

My husband just came home from Iraq (that can be serving someone else?). My hobby is spending time with my family! I don't have any talents but my pretty good at being a mom, working and cleaning my house. I'm always giving things away to people who need things more. We give toys and clothes away to people and the cherry street mission at least twice a year! We don't have a lot of money our selves but we do like to help people. I would like to have a free session for my sons 2yr old pictures and his aunts 1yr old pictures and of course family pictures which we haven't done since my husband got home!

Hope we get picked!
tiffanycathers@yahoo.com/ 419.377.8717

Cindy Cameron-Costley said...

I'm a first grade teacher who strives daily to instill the love of learning in each and every student in my class. Along with the love of learning, it is my passion to teach these same children to give to others. Each year I choose an animal organization that needs our help. This year it was GRR (Golden Retriever Rescue). Our class raised $132. It was amazing to see and hear how these small children dove into their tiny piggy banks to donate to this wonderful cause. I think this is probably the first time many of these children had ever heard the word sacrifice. Because for them, they were sacarficing soemthing the dearly wanted to give it to these dogs in need. They gave and they gave with a cheerful heart!

Anonymous said...

I am nominating Walt and CeCe's foster daughter. Not knowing how much longer they will have her, I'm sure they would love to have some beautiful photo memories. I will pay it forward with a mar-mar custom design necklace.


Laura Pelow said...

My mission in life to to help others. I am paying it forward to those who struggle with hurts, habit, and hang ups. Or ANY other way I can show the love of Christ. My family and I go through our neihborhood throughout the year to lend a helping hand and whereever we can. I am noninating my 3 beautiful children because they have never had their pics taken by a professional as individuals or as a family. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance to see some beautiful pics of my little ones hanging on my wall to admire!

Cindy Costley said...

I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I am nominating my precious daughter, Taylor Lynn. For the longest time we didn't think it was possible to have children and then God gave us one of the best gifts...YOU!

Anonymous said...

I nominate my daughter and her family. She is willing to do anything for anyone. She is a great person and Im proud of what she has turned her life into. It would be great to have a photo shoot for great memories. We both love your work!


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