Why do I spend so much time editing???

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I wanted to share with you some of the things I do when I edit.  I throw the word 'edit' around all the time...my kids even know that, "Mama is editing pictures today".  There are several reasons why a picture coming SOOC (straight out of camera) might need edited.  For this example that I posted here is what I did.  Cropped, Removed Redness from face/eyes (it was a chilly November morning), lifted eyes, brightened eyes, enhanced the coloration of the background and body features (hair, clothes...)  Brightened the overall picture.  Here's the SOOC and Final:

I don't always have to do so much...but sometimes with the weather conditions and what my overall preferences are I might spend 5-10 min. on a picture. 

So, THIS is what I'm doing when I say I'm editing - and why my shoulders constantly hurt from sitting at the computer!  :)  I love it!

sure could use a gift certificate for Christmas for a nice massage.


Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing Lisa! I think this is why I fall in love with your photos so much!

Cindy said...

They look great........what program do you use? I'm just curious:)

Christy Holliday said...

I literally JUST gone done fiddling with a photo where the man's cheeks were really red (he was overheating during the photo shoot apparently!). What is your trick for removing the redness? I drew a loose selection around the problem areas and then used the hue/saturation to desaturate the red channel only. It worked decent, but if there is a better way I'd love to know!!

The Four Feathers said...

I use Photoshop CS4. Will probably opt to buy Lightroom soon as well.

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