I have always loved the idea of taking great pictures.  To take small "frozen" moments in time and turn them into something you can treasure forever.  I love to capture the times that we won't get back again.  Life changes so quickly...people change...time changes.

There are so many fabulous photographers out there who are just magnificent.  I adore so much of their work.  I don't compete.  I don't disrespect.  My work will speak for itself.  I have learned a lot of valuable information from fellow photographers and enjoy the "shop talk" we can share.  It's so much fun.  I do what I do because I have a passion for it...it isn't   just a job.

I have been living the dream with capturing these "frozen moments" for a little over a year and I continue to learn through workshops and online tutoring.  I will forever be learning....new techniques, better ways...and the latest trends.

I live in Northwood, Ohio, I'm married to a fantastic man and have 2 amazing girls.  God has blessed me tremendously.

I hope to meet you soon!