High Expectations

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm finding that for this coming year, although I do not make resolutions, I have very high expectations for myself.  I am slowly marking things off of a life long to do list.  The life long "to-do" list has also become amazingly shorter as I've come to find out where my passions lie...and what is really important to me.   I'm no longer going to do things that aren't "me".  Here's what my list looks like today.

1.  Know more scripture so I can know my God more.
2.  Learn, Learn, Learn
3.  Create, Create, Create
4.  Become healthier - physically, mentally, emotional, spiritually.
5.  Quick to listen - SLOW to anger.
6.  [Be] Christ to others around me.

I used to have several other things I'd like to accomplish - travel, buy, do, become...but, truth is...God has already given me all the tools I need to accomplish what He has set out for me to do.  He's allowed me to see His beauty in the things around me, I don't have to travel someplace exotic to find it.  I don't need to become someone I'm not meant to be...I am me.

I have a PASSION to learn more about the creativity of what can be done with the click of a camera.  I have a PASSION to create what I see in my mind and what God sees in every person.  I have a PASSION for Photography.  I will see big flames coming from that passion as it's ignited by the things I do this year.  

I'm so excited to share it with all of you.

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Stephanie Myers said...

Lisa! Your work and your website is out of this world! Dave V. just showed me his family portrait you took and it was so magical. You have such a gift.
It is an honor to watch you grow as a photographer.
many blessings!

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